There are so many great workout videos on the internet, but I hate getting 10 minutes into a video then realizing, this workout isn’t for me.

If you want some great free videos check out Popsugar Fitness.  There are great total body workouts and workouts to focus on different parts of your body.

These are the two videos that got me addicted to this website.  I complete them after doing about thirty minutes of running, biking, or riding an elliptical.

1.  The Ultimate Ab Workout for your Skimpiest Bikini

2.  Re-bot your back side with this Tush Toning Workout.

I will be sure to post more of my favorite free workout videos as I come across them.  I will leave you with one more of my favs that is a total body workout:  40 Minute Metabolism Boosting Workout.

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