The elliptical is a great machine to work your entire body plus you can use it a variety of different ways. You can pedal forwards, backwards, change the incline or resistance, hands on or off, and complete sprints.

The elliptical can get a bad rep because many people choose a workout program then zone out for the entire workout. I have been totally guilty of this, but once I started doing interval training I was amazed by how fast the time went and felt that I was getting a more intense workout.

My favorite part about using the elliptical is that it is easy on your joints or low impact. I have days where my muscles and joints are really sore, either from an intense workout or just from a long day at work, and I just need a recovery workout rather than skipping it entirely. Apart from a recovery workout, I recently discovered that cupping therapy in jacksonville fl can also be an excellent way to heal sore and tired muscles. Cupping may help to stimulate the chemical breakdown of toxins that delay muscle and tissue healing by lifting and stretching the fascia – this process reduces inflammation and can help facilitate normalized movement. Cupping may help with a variety of conditions, including lower back pain.

Coming back to the elliptical – it is also great if you’re just getting started with aerobic exercise.

Ellipticals come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have handles that move, some don’t. And the resistance levels can all be different. But regardless of the machine you are using, you are working a variety of muscle groups during an elliptical workout. When pedaling forward you are working your quads, while going backwards targets your hamstrings and glutes. Pushing the handles works your chest and pulling them works your upper back. Letting go of the handles works the muscles in your abdominals. When completing an elliptical workout it is extremely important to engage the specific muscle group(s) you are working, which means zoning out is NOT an option. Always be focused on how your body is feeling and what muscle groups are engaged.

For this workout my elliptical only goes up to a resistance of 8, but I know many machines go higher. So adjust the resistance to fit your machine and use the details to decide what resistance level you should be at. You’re sprints should be the HARDEST part of the workout. And an average pace should NOT be a recovery, you should still be moving at a decent speed. I program my elliptical to either the FAT BURN or INTERVAL workout so that I don’t need to worry about adjusting the incline, it will just do it automatically.

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you give this workout a try and what you would like to see more of!!!

30 Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

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