If you are wondering how to fit a workout into your busy daily routine you HAVE to try TABATA INTERVAL Workouts. You can get a total body workout in 20 minutes. And everyone has time to schedule 20 minutes in for a workout even if it means setting that alarm clock a little earlier. Just remember to keep yourself well hydrated, you may want to check out some hydrate replenish sachets to keep with you, as you do not want to pass out part way through or get sick! You need to keep in tune with your body when you work out.

The idea behind Tabata is that you work as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then get a 10 second break before moving onto the next exercise and do 4 sets of each exercise. Each round I like doing 4 different exercises, so 4 exercises x 4 sets = 16 sets per round and each round is 8 minutes long. I use the Tabata Stopwatch Pro-Interval Timer (it’s a free App).


The thing I love about Tabata is that you are in charge of choosing the exercises and motivating yourself. I do a total body Tabata workout about two to three times a week. I switch up the exercises and usually do about 2-3 rounds. When I first learned about Tabata I looked up exercises and workouts and started creating my own. This is probably the very first Tabata workout I completed on my own and I hope to share many more Tabata workouts with you in the future.

Here is how I set my Tabata Timer for this workout. You can change the time, sets, cycles etc. under the settings. The timer makes a clicking noise to let you know when you should be exercising and when to rest. I play a Pandora Station in the background on my phone and you can still hear the timer.


I’ll describe some of the exercises below. Leave me a comment if you give this a try!

Total Body Tabata Workout


1) Jump Squats: Start in a standing position and jump your feet out (a bit further than shoulder width apart) and move your butt down and out into a squat. Then jump back up to the starting position.

2) Plank Jacks: Start in a plank push-up position and jump your feet out (like you’re doing a jumping jack) and back in to the starting position.

3) Reverse Lunges with Kick: Start in a standing position and lunge backwards with your right leg. When your return to standing kick the right leg out in front of your body before placing it back on the ground. Then repeat with the left leg.

4) Burpees: In a standard Burpee you start in a standing position then jump down and move the legs out to a push up position, complete a push up, jump the legs in, and jump up with arms towards the sky when you return to standing. There are many different variations of the Burpee you can look up if this is too difficult.

5) Sumo Squats: Stand with your legs beyond shoulder width apart. Go down into a low squat sticking your butt out and return to standing.

6) Mountain Climbers: Start in a plank push up position and jump the right leg up towards your right hand then as you jump the right leg back jump the left leg up.

7) Jumping Lunges: Start in a standing position and jump into a forward lunge with your right leg forward then jump up and switch so you are in a lunge with your left leg forward.

8) Plank Up/Downs: Start in a plank push-up position and put your right forearm down on the ground then your left forearm. Return to a plank push-up position with your right arm first then left. Then switch and go down with the left arm first.


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