Happy Friday! Hope you had a fabulous week and are ready to celebrate the weekend. I am so excited because I am traveling to Columbus, OH this weekend to tailgate for an Ohio State Buckeye game with some of my closest friends from college. So there are lots of adult beverages and tailgate food in my future this weekend, but it will all be so worth it! It will be nice to go somewhere purely for some fun with old friends, especially when beverages are involved. A lot of my friends are single too, which means they are using this weekend as an opportunity to meet new people (or get closer to one another!). In fact, I think a lot of them are taking True Pheromones and similar products in their luggage to heighten their chances of meeting someone… how exciting! I will just enjoy sitting back with a cocktail and watching all of this happen, I’m sure. Anyway… let’s talk about what I’m packing.

I have noticed several bloggers that post a “Friday Favorites”. It’s hosted by Heather and Katie. It gives health and fitness bloggers a chance to share some of their favorite finds in food, fashion, fitness, and beauty.

Friday Favorites

The first favorite I want to share with you is a combo, my Wet Brush and Healthy Sexy Hair’s leave in conditioner. This combo has made brushing my long wet hair so easy and painless. I always make sure I never travel without it. So if your hair is in a tangled mess when you get out of the shower you seriously need to at least invest in a Wet Brush. I think I bought mine for $15 at my hair salon, but they are probably cheaper on amazon. And I bought the leave in conditioner at Target of course, this bottle was only $10. I used to buy the It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Product, but it was so expensive and you got such a small bottle, and I have found this leave in to be just as effective.

I have already shared about Bai 5 beverages in a previous post, but have recently discovered they also make a sparkling beverage. The pear flavor is my favorite. I haven’t had a soda in years, but sometimes crave that fizzy sensation. And these beverages are naturally sweetened and so delicious! They make other great flavors too like coconut and blood orange. I really need to try making cocktails with these!

Sometimes when I’m on the go or don’t want to make a protein shake I always opt for a Quest Bar. They are packed with protein and have very little sugar and only natural ingredients. They are a great post workout snack. They come in quite a variety of flavors and I just recently saw on Instagram that they have a Pumpkin flavor I NEED to try. My favorite is cookies and cream. I buy these at Vitamin Shoppe. They are a little pricy, so I don’t eat one everyday just every so often.

Lastly I have to share part of my new outfit from Fabletics I ordered. It was my first time trying Fabletics and becoming a VIP member. You get your first outfit for about $30 which includes a top and bottom. Then on the 1st of every month they email you outfit ideas, if you want to opt in you make a purchase by the 5th of the month and if you don’t want to make a purchase you skip that month so your credit card doesn’t get charged. I have only done one month so far, so I will write a longer review after I have purchased a few different outfits. But so far I am obsessed with these capris. They are super durable and comfortable and I totally went out of my comfort zone and purchased them in bright red. I can’t wait to order some more of these! Also pictured in the photo are my home made Peanut Butter Protein Balls.


What are some of your favorite food, fitness, fashion, or beauty products? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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