Everyone has hobbies whether it be sports, reading, music, or art we all have something we are so passionate about we could spend all day doing or reading about it. Besides cooking and working out, what I like to do with any free time I have is to go on social media and look for inspiration for workouts (such as these workout ideas from Wisdoms of Health), meal ideas, or discover current health trends. This gave me the thought to share some of the health and fitness trends I have noticed on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or from reading other lifestyle blogs the last few weeks. I know we only have about another month left of Fall and anyone up north is probably preparing for Winter, but all of these trends can easily carry over to the colder months. If you’re looking to get on board with these trends, https://www.thrivo.co.uk/ offers its members discounts on health and fitness products.

Fall Health and Fitness Trends

  1. Grokker.com I have shared this site on some of my social media channels and it just keeps getting better and better. For FREE you can watch two premium workout videos a week and they also have plenty of ‘non-premium’ videos you can watch anytime. These video are the perfect way to squeeze in a quick workout at home. I have found this site extremely helpful on days I want to do yoga, pilates, or a barre workout (which i’ll also mention later). They also have HITT workouts, but I haven’t tried too many of those because I usually make up my own HITT workouts.Fall Health and Fitness Trends
  2. BARRE Workouts. I mentioned above there are plenty of Barre workout videos on Grokker, but you might be wondering WTF is Barre? Here is a great list of what it is and WHY you should be doing it: WTF Are Barre Workouts. I have just recently tried to do at least one Barre workout a week and hope to make it to a Pure Barre Studio soon to try an actual class. The exercises you do in this workout are so unique and target your hips, outer/inner thighs, and butt. Seriously almost every woman’s trouble spots. The workouts I have tried have left me sore for days, so if you haven’t already you seriously need to give Barre workouts a try.
  3. Fitness Trackers. Especially because the holidays are right around the corner all of a sudden there are many different types fitness trackers available, follow this link to view just of handful of them https://budgetreport.com/best-cheap-fitness-trackers/. They make a perfect gift for anyone looking to get into better shape or for any health and fitness enthusiast. I personally have been given the opportunity to test out a MIRA fitness tracker. The MIRA is a stylish jewelry piece that also tracks your steps, calories, and distance. The MIRA app also tracks your progress and has a neat feature that also gives you inspiration. If you tap the Need Inspiration button in the app it will give you an idea such as walk for 15 minutes, run a mile in under 12 minutes, or at the office go up and down the stairs five times. If you are looking for a way to track your progress or to get motivated I highly suggest investing in a fitness tracker and the nice thing about the MIRA is that it doesn’t really look like a fitness tracker, it looks like a bracelet and can be worn with other jewelry. If you are looking to calculate your intensity (especially helpful for people who do HITT workouts) I would suggest finding a tracker that has a heart rate monitor. Then you can calculate your target heart rate range and work to your greatest potential during a HITT workout.
  4. Blue Apron Meal Service. I had to opportunity to try Blue Apron because my aunt gave me three free meals. The meal service delivers fresh ingredients to your door step and everything is already pre portioned. All you need to do is prep and cook the meal. They come with easy instructions to follow and everything we have had so far has been delicious and the portions have been filling. When signing up you get to choose what kind of meat you would eat and either a two person or family meal plan. The price is about $9.99 per serving, which is definitely cheaper than eating out. I would suggest trying a meal service if you find yourself eating out on busy nights or not having the time to go to the grocery store to pic up fresh ingredients. Some of the meals took a bit longer to prepare than I was expecting, but again still beats eating out because all the ingredients are fresh and healthy.Fall Health and Fitness TrendsFall Health and Fitness Trends
  5. Kombucha. I have seen this tea all over social media the past few months and finally my local grocery store started carrying some. Kombucha is fermented black or green tea and it has a whole bunch of health benefits. A lot of people choose to take it alongside a bali gold kratom blend for added benefits. One of the reasons I like it is for the probiotics which help aid your digestive system. The tea has a fizziness to it so it can easily replace a soda and they have very little sugar per serving. Kombucha definitely has an interesting taste, and might not be for everyone, but I have been able to find a few flavors I really enjoy like the one below.Fall Health and Fitness Trends
  6. Foods of Fall. Squash. There are so many other foods besides pumpkin that are perfect for Fall. All of a sudden my Pinterest has been taken over by all different types of squash recipes. Whether it be acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash each different type has it’s own unique flavor and there are so many different recipes you could try. I personally like to make spaghetti squash and serve it with marinara and some ground turkey or chicken. Butternut squash is the perfect fall dish when it’s roasted with some cranberries and pecans. And I just tried acorn squash for the first time last week. I roasted it with some salt, pepper, and spices. I think it tasted really similar to roasted potatoes. All these different kinds of squash make for a perfect Fall main or side dish and have lots of health benefits.Fall Health and Fitness Trends
  7. Other Foods of Fall. Pumpkin seeds or pepita and Sweet Potatoes. I wouldn’t say these two go together, but every time I scroll through Instagram someone somewhere is making a meal or side dish with these two foods. Pumpkin seeds are great for making granola, putting on salads, or in side dishes. They have lots of health benefits because they are high in protein and a healthy fat. And as for sweet potatoes I feel like everyday I’m reading an article about why we should be eating more of them. I like sweet potatoes paired with a spicy taco dish or making roasted sweet potato fries. If you’re not sure how to cook with sweet potatoes here is a list of great recipes: 45 Super-Easy Sweet Potato Recipes. And here are two recent articles I read about all the health benefits of this delicious potato: The Anti-Inflammatory Food you should Load Up On This Thanksgiving and The #1 Carb for Weight Loss and Health.

What are some of your favorite Fall foods and beverages?

How do you workout and find motivation when the weather starts getting cold out?

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