Many of us find ourselves over indulging this time of year, it’s starts slow with some Halloween candy and pumpkin spiced treats, then Thanksgiving meals with family and friends, and then Christmas time hits with all the parties where you are surrounded by delicious foods.  It not only can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits, but many of us are traveling and have trouble finding time to workout to balance all the indulgent eating during the holiday season.

Every year my husband, pup, and I end end up traveling about a week for Christmas and I always find myself overeating because I use the excuse, “it’s the holidays”.  I can usually find time and space to workout occasionally but dislike not having my normal routine.  When you’re in another state it’s hard to find a gym that will let you drop in just for a day or two.  And for myself it’s hard finding space to workout in my parents house when our entire family is together and every room is taken.

Sweat Pink #HolidaySweat Challenge 2015

These and many more reasons are why I joined the Sweat Pink #HolidaySweat Challenge.  The Challenge is to encourage us to stay active during the holiday season.  By signing up you will receive eight weeks of workout ideas, a chance to win prizes, and have the support of an active community to stay motivated.

You can sign up for the challenge and track your fitness here:  Fit Approach Holiday Sweat Challenge.  Just by tracking your daily activity you get entered for a chance to win prizes.

Need even more motivation to stay healthy and active this holiday season?  Be sure to follow the #HolidaySweat 2015 Facebook group HERE.  And follow @runtothefinish and @FitApproach on Instagram.  Also watch out for my updates on social media as I do my best to be active everyday and try to balance all the holiday goodies.  And post your own progress to social media using the hashtag #holidaysweat.

How do you plan to be active this holiday season?

What motivates you when you’re traveling or when the weather is cold?

2 Comments on SweatPink #HolidaySweat Challenge

  1. Whitney Carney
    November 14, 2015 at 7:50 pm (7 years ago)

    Love the idea of motivation during the holiday months and when it is so cold out! My yoga/barre studio is currently having a challenge for who comes the most gets a free month at the studio. 🙂 That keeps me motivated to go more! Also, signing up for races keeps me motivated since I know I need to keep running to be in shape and do well!

    • sweetandstrong
      November 15, 2015 at 8:49 pm (7 years ago)

      Hi Whitney! Love what your studio is doing to keep people motivated. And yes you gotta stay in shape for those races if you’re gonna make it to the finish!