Remember as a kid how awesome it was to wake up for school during the Winter to find out it was a snow day. Yea that feeling still happens as an adult. I still had the feeling of excitement this morning when I got the text saying schools were closed, but unfortunately I wasn’t snuggled up in bed, I was in my garage and had just made it through one round of my workout. I decided to finish the workout even though going back to bed sounded so nice. But it felt good to get it done and then I curled up on the couch with breakfast and coffee to watch the latest news on the storm that’s about the hit the east coast this weekend. I’m assuming we really won’t be able to leave the house Saturday and maybe won’t have to go into work at the beginning of next week if we really get a foot or two of snow like they’re predicting. So this morning I also went to the store to pick up a few essentials to last us a few days and items for some meals I planned while we’re snowed in. Here are some of the recipes I plan to use:

Quinoa Chili by Damn Delicious– I used this recipe before and added and some jalapeños and made it not vegetation by adding lean ground turkey and plan to do the same thing again.

Deep Dish Pizza by Ambitious Kitchen– I used the dough recipe a few weeks ago and made the pizza in my cast iron skillet, it was delicious. I like how the layering of a deep dish pizza is different than normal and it turned out just like the pictures which is always a win. I plan to add jalapeños, tomatoes, and mushrooms as toppings inspired by a pizza we had in New York that also had Italian sausage and was AMAZING!

Haven’t really decided on any desserts to make while we’re snowed in yet but I know I’ll be drinking lots of wine and sipping on homemade hot chocolate. I thought of using some of the chocolate covered caramels I have to make this Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate by a Beautiful Mess.

Being snowed in usually doesn’t damper my workout regime too much because I have enough equipment at home and can walk around the corner to a small community gym. But I know for many of you the gyms will be closed this weekend leaving you to find a video or a Pinterest workout. It can be difficult finding a workout for your level and one that doesn’t require any equipment. So I created a total body workout that combines some cardio and muscular endurance for your upper body, lower body, and abdominals. When I write my own workouts I try not to have two plyometric exercises right after each other and try to do one lower body, upper body, and abdominal exercise in each round. This workout is just basic moves but it will work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, obliques, and abdominals just by using your own bodyweight. And of course, do not forget to put on your high quality tracksuits (or any activewear for that matter). It can keep you motivated on a snowy day.

Snow Day Workout

I’m not posting pics for each exercise because they can easily be googled to find out correct body position and form. I put numbers by each exercise, but go until those muscles are exhausted, that’s when you’ll truly see gains. And aim to do about 2-3 rounds. Also don’t forget to warm up properly before beginning this workout and cool down by stretching after it’s completed.

What are some of your plans if you’re snowed in this weekend?

Any delicious meals on your weekend menu?

How do you workout when you can’t leave the house?

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