Sweet and Strong

Month: March 2017

How I Prepared for a 10 Mile Race

I scheduled this post before I tested positive for the flu on Wednesday, UH!  Not sure what my decision for Sunday’s race will be, but here is what I had written about preparing for the 10 mile race before getting sick. I’m running 10 miles on Sunday, not a 5k or a half marathon, 10 miles.  When […] Read more…

Thinking Out Loud, 29 To Do’s

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Yesterday I turned 29, and am officially in the last year of my 20’s.  While I absolutely love spoiling others, I really don’t like making a big deal about my birthday.  It was a Wednesday, so extremely low key.  We had a nice two hour delay for work because of the ice/snow storm Monday night. […] Read more…

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

With my Irish heritage I couldn’t pass up a chance to share a St. Patricks Day themed recipe with you today.  There are so many ways to celebrate this holiday, music, green beer, corned beef & cabbage, potato soup, and all things mint.  This Mint Chocolate Protein Shake recipe is a healthier way to enjoy […] Read more…