Hello and welcome back for Part 2 of my Food, Fitness, and Life Habits I once thought were ‘healthy’ or never thought twice about that now I no longer have. In case you missed Part 1 it was all about food habits and you can find it here.

Finding a Balanced Lifestyle; Food, Fitness, and Life Habits I no Longer Have

Today I’m sharing all the Fitness and Life habits I have changed over the past few years.

Only Cardio at the Gym

If you don’t know about my health and fitness journey, I started working out back in high school after sports season ended and it carried on throughout college. I lost weight and felt really great about myself and thought it was because of all the cardio I did. When I went to the gym I would only run on the treadmill or ride the elliptical. I rarely ever strength trained.

Cardio and Strength Partner Workout Featuring Prismsport

Now years later, I can honestly say I feel my best and strongest because of strength training. I fell in love with weights while taking Les Mills BodyPump and have since become an instructor and been teaching for over a year. Also I really enjoy trying different group classes such as Pilates Reformer, HITT Training, etc.

Pilates Pro Works Alexandria

I still think cardio is important, but you only need to do it a few times a week. If you read my Weekly Workouts you’ll find I usually only have 1-2 days of cardio, 3-4 days of strength training, and usually 2 days of rest or active recovery. I’ve learned over the years that switching up your workouts is SO important to always keep your body guessing. Be sure to check out my Fitness Page for a few of my favorite Cardio and Strength Workout Routines.

Working Out Everyday

I used to think that in order to maintain my results I needed to workout every single day. After my workouts, I had more energy and just felt overall better about myself. Well, now I’ve learned that it’s super important to let your body rest and recover, which means you should only be working out about 5 days a week and also provide the body the extra nutrients it requires, be it through protein shakes, filling meals or some extracts or whole supplements (those interested can check out the extract vs whole guide). Besides, the other two days should be for rest or active recoveries such as a light walk or gentle yoga. While on those rest days I do feel a bit more sluggish, I know it’s exactly what my body needs.

6 Ways to Use a Foam Roller. How to Foam Roll using the TriggerPoint GRID

Overall I’ve learned that if I don’t feel like working out I need to evaluate if it’s because either my body needs the rest or I may need to change up my workout and try something new to feel motivated.

Being on my phone right before bed

This is a tough one and I still occasionally find myself scrolling through Instagram for a few minutes once I’m in bed. But for the last year I’ve tried to make it more of a habit to read before falling asleep. The blue light on our phone and computers is not only bad for our eyes, especially in the dark, but could also affect our sleep. I’ve found that some nights I may only be able to keep my eyes open to read a few pages of my book, but them I’m knocked out for the rest of the night. I love suspense books and am currently reading And Then She Was Gone and having a hard time putting it down each night.

Using Plastic

This one is still a work in progress but for the last few months I’ve ditched plastic bags and always bring my reusable bags to the store. It’s not only helping the environment, but I also think it makes it much easier to carry the groceries into the house.

Banza Chickpea Pasta, with marinara, and arugula
I’ve also gotten rid of almost all our plastic meal prep containers and only use glass now. I own and love these glass containers and also the 2-compartment, and round containers. And I also picked up some large storage containers at Target that hold large meals or leftovers.

Massaged Kale Salad Meal Prep

There has been no proven ‘safe’ level of heating plastic so I use these meal prep containers for our lunches. And use the larger glass containers for batches of leftovers since I also don’t like putting anything already warm into plastic. Next for me is I want to start using reusable snack and produce bags.

I really hope you enjoyed this series, I had a lot of fun writing and sharing it. And I hope this can help inspire you to make one simple Food, Fitness, or Life Habit change for a healthier lifestyle.

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Questions of the Day:

What’s a food habit you once thought was ‘healthy’?

Did you establish any new routines recently?

Tell me about a bad habit you recently kicked.

2 Comments on Food, Fitness, and Life Habits I no Longer Have Part 2

  1. Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    September 20, 2018 at 3:10 pm (4 years ago)

    I can relate to you on the cardio one – I have no idea how I used to go the gym and just do like an hour of cardio. Nowadays I like switching it up, and I often will do intervals of cardio + strength training so that I don’t get bored. And rest days are so important! I usually rest 1-2 days a week and I really feel like my body thrives from that downtime.

    • sweetandstrong
      September 21, 2018 at 11:10 am (4 years ago)

      Hi Nicole! Yes so glad we have both adapted and made these changes, our bodies most definitely are thanking us! And I’m with you on liking a mix of cardio and strength in my workouts, those are my favorite now.