Right before the holidays we spend a weekend in New York City for some tasty eats, tourist activities, and time with friends.  Christmas time in NYC truly is beautiful and pretty magical and since I was 22 weeks pregnant I was ALL about finding the perfect foodie spots.  I know this trip was a few months ago, but I am excited to finally get around to sharing all our adventures and yummy eats during our weekend in New York City with you today!

To get to NYC we took the Amtrak train from Washington D.C. to Penn Station.  Our tickets were purchased back in August so they were very affordable and we made it to the city in less than 3.5 hours which was great!

Once we arrived in the late afternoon we went straight to our hotel to freshen up and get ready for the evening.  I had made reservations for dinner at La Pecora Bianca and later that evening we were going to see Chicago on Broadway

A Weekend in New York City

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I knew NYC had some tasty Italian food and wanted to find some of the best so I did a lot of research to find La Pecora Bianca and would recommend it to anyone!  They have two locations, we went to the restaurant in Midtown which has super cute decor and ambiance.  We ordered the arancini balls and brussels sprouts (a side dish) as an appetizer, both were amazing. 

La Pecora Bianca NYC

Then for our entrees Tom had the Tagliatelle, a beef and pork bolognese and I had the Garganellli with mushrooms and arugula pesto.  Both were made with homemade pastas and so delicious.

La Pecora Bianca Homemade Pasta

We then walked to Ambassador Theatre where we would be seeing Chicago and passed the Rockefeller Center tree on the way.  

New York City At Christmas

And we also made a stop at Magnolia Bakery to split some Vanilla Banana Pudding for dessert.  

Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Banana Pudding

I LOVE the movie Chicago so I think I had pretty high expectations for the Broadway show and was honestly slightly disappointed.  The show was just the singing and dancing, no costumes or set changes, the orchestra was on the stage the whole time.  While the singing and dancing were amazing, I still would have expected a bit more from a Broadway show.  I’ve seen a few others and Wicked is by far my favorite and SO worth it!

The next day I got up with my friend Suz and we went to Brick Grand Central for a morning workout, we used Classpass to easily sign up and reserve a spot.  The workout was a great mix of cardio and strength as we alternated between treadmills, row machines, bikes, and doing floor exercises.  We both really liked it and an hour workout went by super fast.  Being 5 months pregnant I only needed to modify one ab exercise and take it easy on the treadmill.

Brick Fitness NYC

After our workouts us and the boys were all ready for lunch.  We walked through Time Square to the Meatball Shop.  This was by far my favorite meal of the trip.  And I’m so excited they just opened a restaurant in D.C. so we can easily go back again.  We shared the Buffalo Mini Meatballs and Mottzarella Balls as an appetizer.  Then Tom and I shared an order of the Classic Meatballs and Meatball of the Day, Pizza with Tomato Sauce.  I also ordered a side of broccoli for a veggie #balance.  Everything was delicious and I would order it all again and even try one of their sandwhiches next time becuase they looked amazing.

Meatball Shop NYC

We walked off lunch by exploring Central Park and St. Patricks Cathetral.  

Central Park NYC

St. Patricks Cathedral NYC

And near our hotel went to the Christmas shops at Bryant Park, which were extremely crowded so we didn’t really do any shopping.  I was just hoping to find the Cookie Do Pop-up shop for a little sweet treat and after walking through crowds for 30 minutes we finally did.  We tried the Signature Chocolate Chip and Holiday Cake Batter.  This was probably my favorite dessert of the trip.  The cookie dough is safe to eat because they use heat treated flour and pasturized egg whites.  I might need to try recreating these at home 🙂

Cookie Do NYC

For the evening we had reservations at ABC Kitchen for dinner and the Top of the Standard for drinks (mocktails for me) after.  At dinner we ordered a few appetizers and pizzas to share with the table since we were all still pretty full from lunch.  I would love to go back to ABC Kitchen and order an entree one time.  

Top of the Standard Hotel Top of the Standard NYC

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The views from the Top of the Standard were incredible of the city at night.  We enjoyed a few hours just sitting and chatting over drinks.  They made me a delicious Passion Fruit Mocktail.  After a few other stops we eneded the night with some Joe’s Pizza, omg I could have just eaten NY pizza by the slice all weekend.

Joe's Pizza NYC

Sunday was a rainy rainy day.  I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see the views of the city from the Top of the Rock and go the High Line, but I knew neither of those would be fun in the cold and rain.   We got up and went to see Grand Central Station and stopped for coffee and doughtnuts from Doughnut Planet.  Tom and I shared a chocolate and coffee cake doughnut.

Doughnut Planet NYC

Then we took a car to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  The fountain and tower were beautiful,even in the fog and rain.  We then waited in line for over an hour for museum tickets.  If going to the museum I would recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance becasue that puts you in a much shorter line.  We just weren’t sure our exact time we would be going to the museum so instead we waited over an hour outside.

9/11 Tower 9/11 Memorial Fountain

There was a lot to explore in the Museum from the history of the twin towers, to the hijackings and that day of events, and the after math and rebuilding.  I don’t even think we went to every exhibit but spent a few hours walking around, it was definitely emotional just reliving that day and hearing so many stories.  

After the museum we then took a car to Chelsea Market to grab some lunch.  The Market was much larger than Union Market in D.C. and had several dining options and little shops.  I wish we would have spent a little more time shopping around, but being tired, cold, wet, and with the crowds we just grabbed food then headed back.  Tom had a sandwich from one of the markets and I went to Los Tacos and had a Steak and Chicken Taco which were exactly what I was craving.

The rest of Sunday we hung out with friends and watched NFL football and split a burger and fries for dinner.

Monday morning it was time to head back to Maryland, but I made sure we stopped for bagels and coffee before catching our train.  Zuckers Bagels was around the corner from our hotel, I got a Classic egg sandwich on an everything bagel with egg, cheese, and bacon and added avocado.

Zuckers NYC Bagel Sandwich

Just 3.5 hours later we were back in D.C. after a great and unforgetable weekend in the city.

I’ve been to NYC a few other times and one other time at Christmas and based of my experiences here are my recommendations.  My MUST SEE’s would definitely be Time Square, Rockefeller Center, and walking through central park (no need for a carriage ride though in my opinion) and doing something in a high building to see the views of the city whether it’s the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock (which we didn’t get to do this time).  

As for eats I haven’t explored a ton of restaurants, just make sure you get good Italian, late night pizza, bagel sandwiches, and dessert.  Definitly check out The Meatball Shop for a delicious lunch or dinner and Chelsea Market for a variety of dining options (but be aware not a lot of seating area in the market).  Many of the ‘healthier dining’ restaurants we have here in D.C. so I didn’t want to eat at them while traveling.

There are still so many things on my to do and eat list for our next trip to NYC, it’s impossible to do it all in one weekend!  

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever been to NYC?  What are some of your fav things to do/eat?

Where have you traveled recently?


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