Need some meal and workout ideas? Here is my food and fitness week in review for the week of June 3rd through June 9th 2019.  Be sure to read previous Food and Fitness Week in Review’s here and tell me in the comments below your favorite meal or workout from the week!

Wow it’s been awhileeee since we’ve chatted about what dinners and workouts have looked like here.  But now that I have started my postpartum fitness journey I figured it would be a great time to start back up with these week in reviews.  Also meals definitely need to be quick and simple with a newborn, especially since the evening seems to be the most difficult time for her (read more about life with a newborn here).   This past week I had some help from my sister who was visiting for meals.  This foodie is definitely not settling for microwaved dinners or eating out much which I’m so thankful for!

Weekly Menu:

Monday: Turkey Fried Cauliflower Rice

Turkey Fried Cauliflower Rice
Tuesday: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday: Breakfast Bowls with Bacon, Roasted Vegetables, and Eggs
Thursday: Miso Salmon with leftover Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables
Friday:  Chicken and Vegetable Potstickers

Chicken and Vegetable Potstickers
Saturday: Chicken Karahi with rice and Kale Salad

Chicken Karahi Recipe
Sunday: Barbacoa Tacos

For desserts I’ve been eating some homemade lactation cookies to keep up my milk supply, I hope to share a recipe soon.  And Saturday we had donuts from Sweet Street Donuts at the La Plata Farmers Market, celebrating national donut day one day late, but so worth it!

Sweet Street Donuts

Weekly Workout Recap

This was my first full week back into working out.  Really easing into things, I am doing a lot of bodyweight and pelvic floor work and modifying moves in videos for some cardio.  I am using Les Mills On Demand to stream workouts from home.  I first fell in love with the Les Mills programs taking them at my local gym and then became a BODYPUMP instructor.  They have a variety of workouts you could also do at home and something for everyone from strength, cardio, sports conditioning, dance, yoga.  This mama is making the most out of nap time by sweating it out while baby sleeps.  I would love for you to try the workouts also so  Click here for a FREE 10 day access to Les Mills On Demand and see why I’m loving them!

Monday: Did a Bodyweight workout of squats, lunges, modified 4 min cardio interval, and pelvic floor exercises (hip bridges, toe taps, and heel slides)
Tuesday: Did a 30 minute BODYATTACK video on Les Mills On Demand
Wednesday: Took a 2 mile walk
Thursday: Did a 30 minute GRIT video on Les Mills On Demand
Friday:  REST
Saturday: Bodyweight workout of sumo squats, backwards stepping lunges, modified cardio interval of high knees and modified burpees then ended with a modified plank series
Sunday: Took a 1 mile walk

Questions of the Day:

What was your favorite meal or workout from last week?

Have you taken Les Mills Classes?

Did you celebrate national donut day?

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