Hi friends! Many of you know I am a wife and mom who tries to choose the best quality products for myself and family. I recently became a Consultant for Beautycounter, the #1 CLEAN skincare and make-up company. And wanted to share my story on why I decided to join the movement of clean beauty.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Audrina I was already conscious of what I put IN my body but hadn’t thought much about what was going ON my body until reading that some products weren’t safe for pregnancy. 😠³ If they aren’t safe for our babies are they ever safe?!?!

Why I became a Beautycounter consultant

Then I even learned that ingredients in our everyday products could potentially get into our bloodstream causing a variety of health concerns. And you would think laws and regulations would protect us from harmful ingredients, but actually there aren’t many regulations in the beauty industry at all. Companies are permitted to use known toxins linked to cancer, infertility, hormone disruption, and more.

Beautycounter facts

After learning all this I gradually started switching over all my skincare and make-up products to safer options. Additionally, many cosmetic companies might probably be taking measures to make their overall product safe. for instance, they might use sustainable containers as primary packaging for their products that can ensure no amount of microplastic is dissolved into the product. Coming back, first, I was super overwhelmed because it’s so hard to understand beauty ingredients, then a friend introduced me to Beautycounter and I loved their mission. I also discovered that some people sell makeup from their own private label makeup brand. This might also be a good idea to get good and tested makeup products.

We Are Beautycounter

Beautycounter has a variety of CLEAN skincare, make-up, and bath and body products for all different skin types even men, kids, and baby products. The brands mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone and they ban over 1800+ dangerous and questionable ingredients. Plus they are fighting for stricter beauty regulations so you know they are trying to create the cleanest and safest products.

I challenge you right now to take a look at your make-up, lotion, shampoo, soap and see if you see any of these ingredients Beautycounter bans because of their potential harm.

Beautycounter The Never List

Back when I was pregnant I first started with a simple Beautycounter skin-care routine, foundation, and lipgloss and gradually started building my Beautycounter collection. I have LOVED all the products. It was an easy decision to partner with them by becoming a consultant and share my journey and get a great discount on products.

Beautycounter Clean Skin-care and Make-up

Ready to Come Clean?

If you are ready to make the switch to clean beauty here is where you can start:

Join the Beautycounter Movement

Shop as a customer: You can shop my Beautycounter page HERE and always message or email me for my product recommendations. I suggest everyone start with taking this skin-care quiz.

Become a Brand of Beauty Member: If you see yourself shopping often, become a Brand of Beauty Member. Join for $29 a year and earn 10% product credit back, free shipping on orders $100+, a free welcome gift, and exclusive offers. It’s like the Amazon Prime of safer skincare and makeup! Join Here.

Host an Online Pop-up Event: Earn free and 50% off products by hosting an online pop-up. I do all the posting and commenting, you simple invite your friends to the group. They will learn about the importance of clean beauty and all about the Top Selling Beautycounter products.

Become a Consultant: If you are loving your Beautycounter products and are looking for a side hustle or way to get discounted products you can become a consultant. I would be your mentor in making your business a success.

You can email me with any questions or if you need help getting started: sweetandstrongblog@gmail.com or comment below and I’ll connect with you.

Ready to come clean

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