Happy Friday Friends! Hope you had a great week or as good as it could be as most of us are still quarantined. With most gyms being closed and access to ordering online workout equipment being difficult I thought I would share with you 10 FREE At Home Workouts you can do During Quarantine.

10 Free at home workouts to do during quarantine

1. Les Mills ON DEMAND: You can sign up for a two week free trial and get access to ALL the Les Mills workouts. My favorite is BodyPump because I’m an instructor and it’s a great strength training workout. But if you don’t have equipment, Combat, BodyFlow, GRIT, Attack, are all also great cardio and strength workouts. After the trial this is a service you have to pay for, but you cancel after the two weeks if you want. Other brands I’m not as familiar with but are offering free trials to stream their workout videos include: Peloton, Daily Burn, and Barre 3.

Les Mills Bodypump 104 Release World Gym La Plata

2. Popsugar Fitness Videos: Here is the ULTIMATE Library of great FREE Workouts and these are ALWAYS free! I have done so many of these workouts I can’t even choose just a few favorites. Just search for the style of workout you’re looking for. There are plenty with or without equipment, for all different levels, and different time lengths.

3. Orangetheory Fitness at Home Workouts: Orangetheory is a studio that uses treadmills, rowers, and weighted floor exercises for a workout that you monitor your heart rate during. Since most studios are currently closed they have lots of great resources online. You can either do the entire workout they post or use if for some inspiration to design your own.

4. Tabata Workouts: Using a TABATA Timer is one of my favorite style of workouts, I have a free workout and explain how to use it here. TABATA is timed intervals of exercise and rest, traditional TABATA is 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest. But you can increase those times if you want. I usually like to do 40/20. Follow a workout plan like the one below, try my Cardio and Booty Workout or choose two exercises yourself at a time and complete for four rounds.

5. Nike Training Club App: This is one I haven’t used in awhile and it looks completely different. You can download the app for free on a device and explore a variety of workout videos. Currently even their premium workout videos and programs are free to try. Even if you just have 15 minutes you can find a workout in the Nike Training App library to complete.

6. CorePower Yoga Keep Up Your Practice: I have really been enjoying these videos especially at a time when everyone can use a little mindfulness and relaxation. CorePower Yoga is offering up FREE new workouts each week for every class style. Or you can subscribe and get access to their full library of workouts. My personal favorite is the C2 flow as it’s a great stretch and workout.

7. Snow Day Workout: Ok, Ok, I know it’s Spring and we’re not actually snowed in, but everyday basically feels like a Snow Day. This workout requires no equipment and can be done in the living room, garage, or outside. And is a great mix of cardio and strength.

8. YouTube Workouts: These can be overwhelming if you just search YouTube for say a ‘cardio and strength workout’. I’m not a huge fan of sorting through and trying YouTube videos but here are some channels I think you may enjoy: Love Sweat Fitness, Blogilates, and Nourish, Move, Love.

9. Instagram Live Workouts: If your favorite studio isn’t doing free online workouts, chances are they are hosting daily Instagram live workouts and saving them to Instagram TV. I have been meaning to try the Barry’s At Home Live workouts. So be sure to follow your favorite studios on social media for LIVE workouts.

10. Amazon Prime Exercise Videos: If you’re not already a Prime member, what are you waiting for, sign up here and get access to free exercise videos. And of course with all the other Prime benefits. I haven’t done any of these videos, but it’s the only site I found dance workouts like Zumba because I know how popular those are.

If you don’t have equipment at home and want to strength train, look at the objects around your house; use water bottles, jugs, cans, boxes, a weighted backpack, etc. I also suggest every so often taking your workout outdoors if you can. Enjoy a walk, hike, bike ride, or jog with your quarantine partners and spent some time actually experiencing spring.

Walking and Staying Active during Quarantine

Questions of the Day:

How are you staying active during quarantine?

What do you miss most about the gym?

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