My name is Patty and I am a 28 year old elementary PE teacher.  I’ve been married to my husband Tom for two years and a ‘mother’ of a 5 year old rottie named Blitz.  I am originally from Cleveland, OH and moved down to southern MD for a teaching job where I actually met my husband who is a PE teacher and high school football coach.

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I played sports in high school and by college I had developed a huge passion for running.  Trust me after a long day with students a long run is exactly what I needed to clear my head and keep me sane.

About five years ago I was actually hit while on a run by a distracted driver.  I had a miraculous and speedy recovery but the damage to my leg forced me find alternative ways to workout. The orthopedic suggested I don’t run everyday so I am always searching for new workouts and exercises to mix things up.

I try to spend at least 20 minutes a day working out.  I run, ride the elliptical, spin, or do other cardio and complete some strength training at least four days a week.  I also might spend a day recovering with some yoga or stretching.  I am always searching the internet for new workout videos or finding new exercise to target different parts of my body.


My mom taught me how to cook and bake when I was really young and I love spending time in the kitchen.  Every week I try to food prep for my husband and I since we live super busy lives.  We try to eat balanced diets, but both enjoy the occasional comfort foods and desserts.  I cannot live without tortilla chips, pizza, cupcakes, and dark chocolate so I eat these treats when I crave them and in moderation.


Lastly I need to thank my little sister who inspired me and taught me how to start blogging.  Follow her at thecultcollective.

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