About the Blog:

I started writing about my lifestyle because I have a passion for learning about health and fitness, but I also have a serious sweet tooth.  I am always searching and willing to try new workouts and dinner or dessert recipes.  And I wanted to create a blog that was realistic about most women’s relationships with health, food, and fitness.

I do not eat ‘clean’ or ‘organic’ every day and could never imagine giving up my favorite pizza place to be 100% paleo or gluten free.  There are always going to be new ‘fad’ styles of eating, but one thing is never going to change, rather than adapting our lifestyles to fad diets we should be learning how to live and eat healthier and how to take care of our bodies.  I wanted to write and share some of my favorite healthy recipes along with the occasional comfort foods and desserts that I just cannot live without.

I also truly enjoy working out almost every day so I wanted to share some of my favorite workouts and exercises.  You should always be mixing up your workout routines and the internet is full of different ideas.  You do not need a gym membership to get a quality workout.  If anything I feel working out at home helps you focus on your body and movements rather than aimlessly people watching on the treadmill or elliptical (totally guilty of that).

Keep it Sweet and Stay Strong.



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