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CycleBar Class Review

ClycleBar Class Review, What to expect at your first class

If you would have told me five years ago I would now be obsessed with spin, I would have thought you were crazy.  As you know from following along on Instagram or my Weekend Highlights, spin classes appear quite often.  Granted there is a certain type of spin class that I find challenging and enjoyable […] Read more…

Paper Plate Ab Workout

Paper Plate Ab Strength Workout

Stop doing crunches and sit ups and grab some paper plates or sliders for a great at home AB Workout. I do not believe in only doing crunches or sit ups to work your abs.  I feel that any exercise, whether it be for your upper or lower body, are ALWAYS working your abs.  But I […] Read more…

Quick and Sweaty Partner Ab Workout

Quick and Sweaty Partner Ab Workout in Chill by Will attire

Happy Hump Day!  I literally cannot believe it’s already May and Summer is only a few short weeks away.  If you haven’t started thinking about getting in shape for the Summer NOW is definitely the time.  I usually keep a pretty consistent workout routine during the Winter months, but once the weather starts getting warmer I […] Read more…

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