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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Father’s Day Edition

S'mores Brownies

Happy Happy Friday!  Even as a teacher on Summer vacation we still get excited for the weekends.  And this Sunday is Father’s Day!  Since my family lives in Ohio I actually won’t see my dad until his visit next weekend, so we’ll celebrate then.  But I thought it’d be appropriate to share to do a […] Read more…

Mother’s Day Favorites

Strawberry cupcakes with creamy strawberry buttercream

Friday!  We made it!  And what a great weekend it’s going to be with Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Growing up my sisters, dad, and I used to let Mom sleep in as we prepared her breakfast.  Usually it was probably just scrambled eggs or a ham and cheese omelet and toast, but she was always […] Read more…

Best Places to Eat in Washington DC

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Washington DC

Hi Friends and Happy Friday!  Hoping you have some fun or relaxing plans on your agenda for the weekend.  Today for Friday Favorites I’m actually taking you to a new page I created on the blog.  When my sister moved to Washington DC two years ago I started making the hour drive and venturing into the […] Read more…

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