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What to Expect at a Pilates Reformer Class; Solidcore Workout Class Review

Solidcore Pilates Reformer Studio Class Review

A low impact but high intensity workout using the pilates reformer. What to expect at your first Solidcore class and a full Solidcore workout class review. It’s Wednesday and I am still feeling sore from trying my first [Solidcore] class at the Mt. Vernon Triangle location in DC on Monday, did you follow along on Instagram?  […] Read more…

Snow Day Workout

Remember as a kid how awesome it was to wake up for school during the Winter to find out it was a snow day.  Yea that feeling still happens as an adult.  I still had the feeling of excitement this morning when I got the text saying schools were closed, but unfortunately I wasn’t snuggled up in […] Read more…

Tabata Workout

If you are wondering how to fit a workout into your busy daily routine you HAVE to try TABATA INTERVAL Workouts.  You can get a total body workout in 20 minutes.  And everyone has time to schedule 20 minutes in for a workout even if it means setting that alarm clock a little earlier. The […] Read more…

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